Intelsat is engineering the network of the future—today. One that delivers ubiquitous, high-performing, secure connectivity when and where it’s needed most. We see a future where seamless integration across space and terrestrial networks is second nature—where unrivaled, end-to-end service is a given across land, sea, and air, and connecting a world in constant motion is no longer just a promise: it’s a plan.

Multi-layered, Multi-orbit, Multi-band
Multi-orbit, multi-band solutions will provide reliability to meet the most demanding SLAs

Software Defined Satellites
A fully virtualized network engineered to deliver flexibility, precision, efficiency, and simplicity

5G Compatible Core
To deliver frictionless roaming from point A to point wherever, however you get there

Customer Experience
With provisioning in minutes, customers have direct control over their network and services.

Our Constellation of Software Defined Satellites: Dynamic Functionality, and Increased Efficiency and Performance.

Software-defined satellites are far more than re-programmable satellites—they fundamentally change capacity planning. This allows customers to utilize services when and where they’re needed most, and continuously steer capacity as needs change.

  • Functional and Seamless:  Terrestrial- and space-based communications create a seamless customer experience, facilitated by predictive design and follow-me beams.
  • Future Proof, with customizable Capacity: Smart edge terminals virtualize functions, enabling software-defined modems, universal terminals, and 5G devices, and allow for reconfiguring on the fly.
  • Efficient and Simple: Via zero-touch provisioning and concentrated capacity abilities that dramatically shave time when provisioning or making changes in service, software-defined satellites are easy to work with, decrease complexity, and improve economics for everyone including end users.
  • 5G–A Global Network Solution: Since 5G is a telecom standard, we will be able to provide seamless customer experiences for uses from service delivery to global roaming, connecting end-users to any network—at any time.

Limitless Network Capacity to the Edge—For Users Worldwide

Integrated Network

Connecting the terrestrial network and space-based assets to owned and partner teleports.

Smart Edge Terminals

Smart edge terminals increase edge-to-edge operability for increased use options and flexibility.

Customer Network Compatibility

Seamlessly connect businesses with enterprise data centers, the Internet, and cloud and mobile services.

Transforming the User Experience

We see a future where challenges will be bigger, customers more demanding, and solutions more complex. That’s why we’re making satellite simple and accessible—to help our customers realize any future—no matter the barriers that stand in their way.



Connectivity alternatives exist, but many are inaccessible and pose issues such as gaps in coverage, which can undermine customer experience.


Software-defined network solutions streamline connectivity, providing customers with a seamless, integrated network, and a simple interface for easy customer control.

This is Innovation in Motion

 We didn’t become the global leader in communication technology by waiting to see what the future holds. Now, our customers and partners won’t have to, either. This won’t just change the way organizations operate. It will propel them forward.


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